Migrants Storm Budapest’s Main Station After Police Withdraw

Asylum Centre
The Associated Press

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Reuters) –  Migrants stormed a train at Budapest’s main railway station on Thursday morning as Hungarian police withdrew from the gates after two days of blocking their entry.

Many tried to push themselves and their children onto the train through doors and windows, a Reuters photographer at the scene said.

The chaos followed Wednesday’s unrest after hundreds of migrants protested for a second day in front of the city’s Keleti Railway Terminus, after they were blocked by police from boarding trains bound for Germany. The police said they must go to camps set up in Hungary instead.

Germany, which is prepared to take by far the greatest number of refugees, has begun accepting asylum claims from Syrians regardless of where they entered the EU, even though undocumented migrants are barred from travel across the bloc. That has caused confusion for neighbouring countries, which have alternated between letting migrants through and halting them.

Thousands of miles away, the bodies of other migrants washed up on a Turkish beach. Photos of a drowned toddler face down in the surf spread quickly across the Internet, yet another searing image from Europe’s worst migration crisis since the 1990s Balkan wars.

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