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Tory Brexit Minister Backs ‘Soft Brexit’

The UK’s Brexit secretary has indicated the Tory government is leaning towards a “sort Brexit”, saying he may maintain low-skilled migration and is prepared keep contributing to the European Union’s (EU) budget for “access” to Single Market.


Belgrade Migrants Make a Break for the Hungarian Border

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Several hundred refugees set off from central Belgrade on Tuesday morning and headed for the Hungarian border, holding handwritten banners and chanting demands for open borders, Reuters witnesses said.


EU President: ‘European Elites Detached From Reality’

The President of the European Council has slammed “detached” European “elites” and insisted the “chaos” of last year’s migrant crisis cannot be repeated as he announced a meeting on keeping the bloc together after Brexit.

Indian nurses care for newly born babies at the maternity ward of a hospital on the eve of World Population Day, in Guwahati on July 10, 2014. World Population Day, which was established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989 and is observed annually, seeks to raise awareness of …

Record 27.5 Per Cent Of UK Births To Foreign-Born Women

Well over a quarter of births in England and Wales over the past year were to women born outside the UK – the highest level on record – whilst births to UK born women fell by 0.4 per cent.


Migration Chief: Europe Must Open Its Borders To All, Including Economic Migrants

United Nations (UN) representative Peter Sutherland has declared that European countries must open their borders to all, including economic migrants. Mr. Sutherland said that refusal to accept everyone who wants to live in Europe is an affront to the European values of dignity and equality of man.

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UK Set To Bar Aussies, Kiwis And Canadians In Favour Of MORE EU Workers

Australians fear new “discriminatory” UK working visa and migration policies will see thousands of workers forced home with little hope of return. At the same time Britain is welcoming record numbers of European Union (EU) arrivals who face no restrictions on starting a new

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EU President Tusk: Expect ‘Three Million More’ Syrians

The European Union (EU) has been warned to expect millions more migrants from Syria. EU Council President Donald Tusk says that “according to Turkish estimates, another three million potential refugees” could come just from Aleppo – Syria’s largest city – and surrounding

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U.N. Warning: Migrant Flow Into Europe Will Keep Growing

The United Nations warned on Friday it could see no easing of the flow of people into Europe, with 8,000 arrivals daily, and that problems now facing governments may turn out to be only “the tip of the iceberg”. Hungary, which lies

Calais Migrant Camps

French Police Bulldoze Calais, Fire Tear Gas At Migrants

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many

A migrant reacts after Hungarian riot police use water cannon to push back migrants (ARMEND NIMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

Hungary Builds Second Fence, Predicts 35 MILLION Migrants Bound For Europe

An astonishing 35 million migrants are heading for Europe, according to Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó. Speaking as the besieged country begins work on its second fence to stop migrants heading across its border he predicted the current