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Hungary to Honour Scottish Missionary Who Died at Auschwitz

A Scot who gave her life to help protect Jewish schoolgirls during World War Two is to be honoured in Hungary. Jane Haining, from Dunscore, worked at the Scottish Mission school in Budapest in the 1930s and 1940s.

People hold a banner reading 'March of the Living' as they take part in the march in the centre of Budapest on April 17, 2016. The 'March of the Living' commemorates the victims of the Holocaust. / AFP / ATTILA KISBENEDEK (Photo credit should read ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images)

Top Eurocrat Verhofstadt Hits Back After Hungary Mocks His Migrant Crisis Denial

Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt has said Hungary’s billboard campaign mocking the Eurocrat’s claim there is no migrant crisis reminds him of “the darkest days in European history,” and has called for the EU to speed up mechanisms to punish countries like Hungary and Poland for deviating from “European values.”

Guy Verhofstadt billboard 1

Israeli Woman Gravely Injured After Falling From Airplane

An Israeli woman was left in a serious condition after falling out of the doorway of a passenger jet during a chaotic evacuation when passengers became alarmed at smoke in the cabin and rushed to the emergency exits.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Soros Launches ‘Media Blitz’ Against Hungary

George Soros, the billionaire open borders campaigner, has launched a “media blitz” against Hungary’s government, which has been conducting a national consultation on the financier’s plan for the migrant crisis.


Israel: George Soros Behind Groups That Defame Jewish State

Israel’s foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Homemade Bomb Attack on Hungary Police ‘Attempted Execution’

(AFP) – Hungarian police said Sunday that an explosion in downtown Budapest that seriously injured two of its officers was caused by a homemade, shrapnel-laden device intended to kill the pair. Detectives have launched a manhunt and opened an attempted


End Of The Line: Hungary Seals Borders As Migrant Flow Surges On

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Sept. 7) – Hungary has had enough. After weeks of turmoil driven by immigrants surging through the country’s frontiers on their way to Germany, borders with Serbia to the south and Austria to the north are being closed in

Asylum seekers wait aboard there train in Budapest for the trip to the Austria border.

Migrants Storm Budapest’s Main Station After Police Withdraw

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Reuters) –  Migrants stormed a train at Budapest’s main railway station on Thursday morning as Hungarian police withdrew from the gates after two days of blocking their entry. Many tried to push themselves and their children onto the

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