MSNBC Reporter Caught Lying On Air About ‘Unarmed’ Palestinian Terrorist

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MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, a reporter who has time and time again displayed bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists and against Israeli Jews, was caught lying about a terrorist attack by his own anchor on air Friday while reporting on the newest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mohyeldin was on the scene in Jerusalem reporting on an incident where Israeli police subdued an armed Palestinian terrorist.

“Particularly at the time of this incident, we did not see any individual be stabbed, or get stabbed within this vicinity. You can see our overlook gives us pretty good access. We would have been able to get a sense of where something like that could have happened,” Mohyeldin said in asserting that Israeli forces killed an “unarmed Palestinian” man.

“Israeli police… suggest that this individual attempted to stab one of the Israeli police individuals that was here. We didn’t see any Israeli police officials being treated on the scene… We haven’t seen anyone here injured among the Israeli police,” Mohyeldin insisted.

“The individual was dressed in camouflage and I can tell you that he was a male… he did not look to be particularly armed,” the MSNBC reporter asserted. “That was confirmed by the fact that the police ultimately removed his clothes. They didn’t find any explosive devices on him. I was trying to keep an eye to see if they were taking anything off of his body, perhaps if they took a gun that was visible. There was no gun that was visible,” he said.

The MSNBC production crew then displayed a picture of the man in question as Mohyeldin continued to mislead his audience. The picture clearly shows the Palestinian attacker in camouflage and he appears to be armed with a large knife.

“At one point, we could clearly see… from where we were standing, from where his body was lying, both of his hands were open and both of his hands did not have a knife,” the MSNBC reporter said in lying to his audience.

The anchor back at the studio then interrupted his reporter on the ground in Jerusalem.

“Wait, Ayman… This is important because you’re covering this story live, and you’re seeing it once, and you’re actually witnessing it not knowing what you’re seeing until you actually process it,” the anchor said.

“In the video that you have… we can clearly see the man in camouflage t-shirt and pants with what appears to be at least in his right hand a knife,” and he is also holding something in his left-hand, the reporter back in the studio adds. In his right hand “appears to be a five-inch or longer black blade,” he adds.

“You heard over and over again officials telling him to stop” after the Palestinian terrorist crossed the security barrier, the MSNBC anchor continued. “Clearly, it seems to me, that he’s holding… in his right hand, what seems to be a knife.”

After asserting that the Palestinian terrorist was an unarmed victim of Israeli brutality, and being caught in a lie, Mohyeldin attempted to backtrack from his aforementioned claim.

“Everything was moving fast… it was obviously difficult for us to concentrate on that particular moment,” he then said in his defense.

This is just the latest in Mohyeldin’s long track-record of promoting Palestinian groups and reporting unfounded allegations against Israelis.

During Israel’s most recent war with Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the MSNBC reporter was known to repeat Hamas talking points and use them in his reporting.

In July of 2014, he falsely reported that Israel was responsible for a strike on a Gaza hospital that killed civilians, when in fact, it was an Islamic terrorist organization whose rocket hit the hospital.

In another report from the Israel-Hamas war in 2014, Mohyeldin went on a pro-Hamas rant in which he complained that the U.S. government will not do more to support the terrorist group and to “rein in” Israel.


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