‘Satan’s Confessions’: Iran Releases Anti-U.S. Propaganda Film

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Khamenei/Iranian Regime/Youtube

The office of Iranian ‘Supreme Leader’ Ali Khamenei has released a new video titled “Satan’s Confessions,” a threatening propaganda film that highlights a series of supposed faults of the United States.

The video message, which was uploaded to YouTube, is meant to reinforce the theocratic regime’s argument that the United States is ‘The Great Satan,’ and it follows a tone comparable to the films disbursed by the Islamic State terror group.

The video begins with a clip of U.S. president Obama stating, “if you look at Iranian history, the fact is we’ve had some involvement overthrowing a democratically-elected regime in Iran.”

“We have in the past supported Saddam Hussein,” he added during an interview with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman. “We know he used chemical weapons in the war with Iran and Iraq,” President Obama added of the Iranian regime’s former nemesis. The interview shown in the video was conducted in July, when the President was making the case for the nuclear deal with Iran.

The clip then cuts to a series of photos of U.S. presidents and American military apparatus, and the voice of Khamenei begins to rant about U.S. involvement in the region.

“There was one point in the statements that the American president made in recent days. He admitted that the Americans made a mistake in Iran on the 28th of Mordad,” Khamenei said of the U.S. intervention in Iran in the pre-Islamic Regime era. President Obama “admitted that the Americans made mistake in helping Saddam Hussein,” Khamenei adds, as the video shows clips of the former Baathist Iraqi leader.

But there are more than just two mistakes made by the Americans, the Iranian despot asserted.

Khamenei spoke of the Pahlavi dynasty, which ruled Iran prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution, calling their reign an “oppressive and treacherous rule.”

In reality, however, the Pahlavi monarchy offered many more freedoms to Iranians than the Islamic theocracy that is now in charge. But nonetheless, the pre-regime era provided for “the destruction of the Iranian people’s’ dignity,” Khamenei insisted.

Khamenei continued, insisting Obama “did not speak about the Zionists’ domination,” or the downing of Iran Air Flight 655, which was mistakenly shot down by U.S. forces in 1988.

The propaganda video then takes a decidedly threatening turn.

“I want to give a word of advice to these American statesmen,” Khamenei said, as a photo of a damaged U.S. Capitol Building appears next to photos of former U.S. Presidents. “I would like to say that you are making a mistake in present time too,” the dictator said. “And particularly towards the Islamic Republic and the people of Iran.”

“In a few years, someone else will turn up and show you your mistakes,” he threatened.


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