Migrants on Video: Paris Attacks ‘Good,’ ‘by 2025 All of France Will Become Muslim’


When asked on camera whether it is good to kill French people for Allah, Muslim migrants seeking asylum in Italy answered affirmatively, remarking that it is “good” to kill French people, and warning of a looming December 8 Islamist attack on Rome.

In a disturbing new video produced by the Italian television program “L’aria che tira” (“What’s Trending”), presenters asked some asylum seekers and other migrants what they thought about the November 13 Paris attacks.


The program interviewed migrants at the largest refugee center in Europe, located in the Sicilian province of Catania, asking what they thought about the Paris massacres.

One Christian migrant from Africa said: “I am sorry, sorry for Paris. We are Christians. We don’t kill.”

Presenters then ask a Muslim migrant whether he thought the slaughter of over a hundred people in Paris was a good or bad thing. “Good, good, buono,” the man replied. Pressed further whether he thought it is good to kill French people, the man responds, “Yes, French, it is good.”

To the third question, whether it is good for a Muslim to kill for Allah, the man again replied, “Yes.”

Another Muslim migrant said: “The French press should stop speaking about the Prophet. The Prophet is a big deal for us Muslims.”

The program interviewed a 23-year-old Muslim migrant named Ahmad who has been in Italy for five years, who shared his opinion of the Paris attacks, as well as the future of Islam in Europe.

Outside the mosque in Catania, Ahmad told the journalist that “by 2025 all of France will become Muslim.”

“Look,” he said, referring to the Paris massacre, “it wasn’t us foreigners who did this. They were born there, kids like these (indicating local Muslim children) who grew up and learned things about ISIS and about Islam. And they did this.”

“What I am saying,” he continued, “is that our Koran said these things.”

“The French killed our people and I agree with those who killed the French. If you continue killing in Syria and Palestine, we will do it in France.”

“And look, I swear,” he said, “on December 8 I think there will be something in Rome. They said it on Facebook.”

“Because you’re not making war against Islam,” he said, “you are making war against God. And you can’t make war on God. God allows you to breathe. God allows you to see. You want to make war against God? You’ve got to be kidding.”

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