Migrants Disembark in Sicily According to EU Sharing Plan

POZZALLO, Sicily (AP) — About 400 migrants aboard two border patrol ships disembarked in a Sicilian port Monday after a half-dozen European countries promised to take some of them in rather than leave Italy alone to process their asylum claims.

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Trump Surges in Polls During First Foreign Trip

President Donald Trump is apparently receiving high marks for his foreign diplomacy. Rasmussen shows an upswing in the president’s approval ratings as he travels to various hot spots around the globe to advance his foreign policy goals.

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Identitarians Block Pro-Migrant NGO Ship in Sicily

Several members of the hipster-right, anti-mass migration Identitarian youth movement blocked one of the ships of a pro-migrant NGO which was setting sail for Libya to pick up migrants and ferry them to Europe.


Sicily Becoming A Migrant ‘Catastrophe’

Thousands of migrants a week land in Sicily and threaten to turn the island into a new Greece as authorities refuse to let migrants leave. In the past 36 hours over 1,300 migrants were rescued from drowning in the Mediterranean as they


Sicilians Rebel Against New ‘4-Star’ Migrant Center

A group of local citizens from the Italian Island of Sicily have denounced a recent political decision to turn a 4-star seaside resort into the latest migrant welcome center, near the historic city of Agrigento. The hotel Capo Rossello Realmonte

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Ten Separate Migrant Rescue Operations in Strait of Sicily in 24 Hours

As thousands of migrants set sail from north Africa, Italian naval vessels have conducted ten different rescue operations of foundering vessels laden with migrants trying to cross the perilous Strait of Sicily to reach Italian soil in the space of just 24 hours.

A picture taken at sea shows the transfer of immigrants from the tanker 'Torm Lotte' to tug boat 'Grifone' in the middle of Messina's marine channel following a rescue operation on July 20, 2014.

Libyan Patrol Boat Allegedly Opens Fire on Migrants, Killing One

A patrol boat allegedly opened fire on a raft carrying about 130 migrants off the coast of Libya on Monday, killing one and leaving another injured. According to witnesses from the raft, members of the Libyan military patrol were attempting to rob the passengers, but when they resisted, the militia answered with several rounds of gunfire.

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