Wilders: Cologne Assaults May Soon Happen on Large Scale

Geert Wilders

This column originally appeared on Geert Wilders’ official page:

On the last day of 2015, Germany faced the consequences of the irresponsible policy in recent years to allow thousands of immigrants with an Islamic culture to enter the country.

On New Year’s eve, in Cologne and other cities, such as Hamburg and Stuttgart, dozens of women were assaulted, robbed and raped by groups of men with Arab and North African features. According to the police, the men knew each other and acted in groups. Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers speaks of “a whole new dimension of violence.”

The testimonies of the victims are terrible. Women and girls were attacked, robbed and subjected to disgusting and extremely traumatizing behavior. A victim said: “They surrounded us and began to grope us. Their hands were everywhere. I had fingers in every bodily orifice.”

The perpetrators acted as abhorrent testosterone bombs. When I used the word “testosterone bomb” in a parliamentary debate on September 17th last year, I was rebuked by the Prime Minister. He said that it was “a terrible word.” But it is not the term that is terrible; it is the reality that is terrible. And this reality is the responsibility of politicians, such as Mrs Merkel in Germany and our Mark Rutte, who leave our borders open.

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