Islamic State Guide for Lone Wolf Jihadis: ‘Act Christian’


Islamic State jihadists have released a publication that teaches jihadis how to blend into Western society, acting “Christian” and avoiding mosques, while building terror cells.

The release of this guide follows that of an e-book filled with tips for young folks who need to tell Mom and Dad they have decided to abandon Western life and run off to join the savage caliphate in Syria.

The book is a 62-page work from the “Al-Fajr Media Center,” composed by Abu Ubayda Abdullah al-Adm, with the clunky title Safety & Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahadeen and Small Cells.  

The cover illustration is much snappier than the title, depicting the skyline of New York in flames after a devastating attack. The image certainly should be attention-grabbing, because it was designed by a top-shelf Hollywood marketing team—it was stolen from the poster for the 2008 movie CloverfieldThe devastating attack on New York that ISIS wants readers to drool over was carried out by a 300-foot-tall monster with a short temper and carnivorous dandruff. It was the ultimate lone-wolf jihadi, although it looked more like a lone bat.

Looking past the stolen cover art, the new ISIS publication advises lone wolves to set up small cells with four or five members, avoiding communication between cells to make it harder for Western police forces to round them up. (In other words, they are telling “lone wolves” to run in small packs.) The 9/11 attackers are cited as an example of compartmentalizing information within a cell effectively.

If the cops do pick up a cell leader’s scent, the guide advises them to head for the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq or liquidate themselves in a “martyrdom operation” (i.e. suicide attack), taking their secrets with them.

“Would-be jihadis are urged to remain vigilant at all times by paying attention to the news and internet to know what is happening locally and abroad,” writes. “They are also instructed to analyse the actions of failed jihadis to avoid making the same mistakes, and to keep updated on interrogation techniques.”

Much advice focuses on how to blend into Western culture and look inconspicuous until the time for carrying out attacks is right. Lone wolves are encouraged to cut off their beards, avoid using Islamic phrases, avoid mosques that might be under police surveillance, dress in modest Western clothing, and steer clear of food and even perfume that might give them away as Muslims.

The discerning jihadi is warned that intelligence agencies like the American CIA know how to check the garbage of suspected militants to find Arab food, and if a beard is not shaved off early enough to allow time for proper sun tanning, wily intelligence agents are likely to notice the recent removal of facial hair.

The guide goes so far as to advise jihadis to pretend they are Christians.

“It is permissible in such cases for you to wear a necklace showing a Christian cross,” explains one passage, quoted by “As you know, Christians (or even atheist Westerners with Christian background) wear crosses on their necklaces. But don’t wear a cross necklace if you have a Muslim name on your passport, as that may look strange.”

The UK Sun notes that the “new” handbook is actually an old al-Qaeda field manual, updated by their degenerate successors in ISIS. Besides the colorful advice on blending into Western society, the book includes some hard information about using encrypted mobile-phone applications, how to communicate online without being detected, how to prepare a safe house, and how to detect spies attempting to infiltrate a terrorist cell.

Terrorism expert Neil Doyle is quoted by the Sun saying there have been “hundreds of downloads” of the new jihadi field guide already, with a number of Britons involved in distributing it, including “Supermarket Jihadi” Omar Hussein, author of the above-mentioned pamphlet instructing children how to prepare for the sacred journey to the caliphate.


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