Iran’s ‘Space Rocket’ Built with North Korean Tech Could ‘Deliver Nuclear Warheads’

Iranians take pictures of the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite rocket during celebrations in Tehran to mark the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution on February 11, 2016. Iranians waved 'Death to America' banners and took selfies with a ballistic missile as they marked 37 years since the Islamic revolution, weeks after …

Iran’s flouting of the Obama nuclear deal continued with the test of a new “space rocket,” built with North Korean technology, that may be capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

According to the UK Daily Mail, built with North Korean technology, “the Simorgh space rocket was fired on Tuesday from a secret Iranian missile base.” It “did not put any satellite into orbit, and the launch may not have been a success.”

“Obviously we’re watching this as best we can. Certainly if it’s true and we’re talking about a ballistic missile launch or the testing of ballistic missile technologies, that’s obviously of concern to us. It’s not consistent, as we said before, with the Security Council resolution,” complained U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby.

Iran has easily dismissed the nuclear deal’s vague restrictions with the help of its partner Russia, which insists the resolutions Kirby referred to are merely suggestions for Iran to refrain from developing ICBMs, not an enforceable ban.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) issued a much more forceful statement, saying that a Simorgh test “would be a provocation of the highest order, and shows Iran’s true intentions.” He pointed out that the only reason for developing ICBM technology “is the delivery of nuclear weapons.”

Iran has received “design data, stage separation technology, and booster equipment” from North Korea, according to U.S. intelligence agencies, along with at least two shipments of large-diameter rocket engines during the the Obama nuclear deal negotiations.

The Daily Mail notes that Iran has been beefing up its anti-aircraft defenses with Russian S-300 “Grumble” weapons. Allegedly “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani has been making defiant public statements, such as portraying Iran’s support for the murderous insurgency in Iraq — which killed a large number of American soldiers — as a noble campaign to “defend Baghdad and the holy places” from “terrorists.”


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