Report: Islamic State Executes 21 Commanders After Recent Defeats

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According to reports from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as related by the UK Daily Mailthe Islamic State went on a killing spree against its own commanders over the past three weeks, executing 21 of them for failure in Syria.

At least one of those executions was a public beheading, carried out after commander Abu Mustafa was caught trying to slip across the Turkish border. Another group of Islamic State commanders was put to death in early April for treason, allegedly because they gave away the position of a valued senior leader, who was killed by a coalition drone strike.

The Daily Mail also cites a report from Iraqi media that ISIS “killed 45 of their own fighters by locking them inside a forensic freezer after they attempted to flee during a battle in Iraq.” The frozen bodies were then put on display for consideration by other potential defectors.

With outright defection thus discouraged, ISIS fighters are reportedly “trying to dodge frontline duty by getting doctors to write them fake sick notes.”

Another grisly report from the Times of India claims that the cash-strapped terror state has been executing its own wounded fighters to harvest their organs for black-market sales.

According to this roundup of ISIS misery, morale among the head-choppers has cratered due to steep wage and benefit cuts, and electricity rationing, after economic-warfare airstrikes began hitting their oil and cash reserves. Islamic State income is down 30 percent, while they have lost about 22 percent of the territory in Iraq and Syria held at their peak.

Unfortunately, the Islamic State is not just executing its own commanders. The Times of India report states that ISIS is draining blood and harvesting organs from its prisoners, as well as its own injured fighters.

Kurdish sources claimed last week that ISIS has executed at least 250 girls for “refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad,” sometimes executing their families as well.

Also, despite its reversals of fortune, the Islamic State is still conducting murderous attacks, including a car bombing in Baghdad on Monday that killed at least 12 civilians.