Rio Olympics: Busload of Chinese Basketball Reporters Caught in Gunfight

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JUNE 05: Police watch as a new VLT (Light Rail Vehicle) passes on the day the system was inaugurated ahead of the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games on June 5, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An initial section of the new system was inaugurated …
Mario Tama/Getty Images

A group of reporters following the Chinese national basketball team was caught in a gunfight that killed six locals in Rio de Janeiro as they traveled to the Olympic Village.

The reporters made it to their destination safely, albeit later than scheduled, as they trailed the Olympic basketball team’s bus.

The incident with Chinese reporters is not the first incident of visitors or competitors attacked in Rio. According to Shanghaiist, “Chinese hurdler Shi Dongpeng received a less dangerous, but more bizarre greeting in Rio earlier this week. Upon arriving at his hotel, Shi was vomited on by one Brazilian man, while an accomplice made off with his luggage.”

The outlet went on to point out, “Elsewhere in Rio, a Russian official, and reportedly a master of jiu-jitsu, snatched away a robber’s gun and shot him dead in the street, according to police. Russia’s embassy in Rio has denied the reports.”

Rio de Janeiro has a long history of violent crime, and athletes in town have already suffered from a variety of attacks, most commonly muggings. Rio is also the rape capital of Brazil, with a rape recorded every two hours.

Breitbart News reported that Brazil’s Secretary of Public Security Jose Mariano has said there is no solution to the high crime to which the athletes and spectators will be subjected as the world converges on Rio this week: “Historically, unfortunately, that is how Rio de Janeiro is.”


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