Islamic State Promises Better Browsing Experience with Updated News App

islamic state

The Islamic State is touting a sporty new update for its Amaq News smartphone app, promising a smoother, safer browsing experience.

“The app, which channels the latest news, infographics and videos from across the Islamic State, puts the terror group’s propaganda messages directly in the hands of supporters around the world,” writes Foreign Desk News“This latest release—billed as the ‘most stable and secure yet’–assures users that the app ‘will never ask for access to your location, contacts, phone, SMS or camera or any personally identifiable information.'”

Concerns about malware-laced fake versions of the Amaq News app prompted the Islamic State to devise a verification system, reassuring users they have the real deal. The fake version was reportedly spying on its users.

Among the other new features are English and Arabic versions, an improved ability to scroll back through old posts, a more appealing user interface, and an archive for whatever head-chopping madness the administrations at various social media services might have chosen to delete.

However, there is still no in-app feature for giving the Islamic State comments and suggestions — you still have to hit their Twitter hashtag for that.

Of course, jihad enthusiasts can’t get the Amaq News app from mainstream download services like Google Play; it’s distributed across Islamic State social media networks.

International Business Times sees hard times for the Islamic State’s once-impressive social media presence, as Amaq’s WordPress blog site was mysteriously knocked offline in April, and even some of the Amaq channels on the secure messaging platform Telegram have been wiped out.