Glazov Gang: Guillermo Fariñas Hunger Strike Against Communism Continues

Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas receives confirmation by mobile phone that he has been awarded the Sakharov Human Rights Prize by the European Parliament, on October 21, 2010 at his house in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba. AFP PHOTO/Adalberto ROQUE (Photo credit should read ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images)

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie announces: We Love You Guillermo Fariñas, shining a light on the heroic Cuban dissident who is in “critical” condition because of his hunger strike for Cuban freedom.

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Guillermo Fariñas is currently on day 29 of his hunger strike. According to Babalú Blog, Cuban police have taken away his cell phone and those attempting to contact him are receiving misinformation claiming his hunger strike has ended. Other dissidents located in Havana have been arrested trying to reach him in central Santa Clara, Las Villas.

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