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GORKA: Obama Has Created ‘Global Chaos,’ Threw ‘Gasoline on the Fire’ with Anti-Israel UN Resolution

GORKA: Obama Has Created ‘Global Chaos,’ Threw ‘Gasoline on the Fire’ with Anti-Israel UN Resolution

Breitbart News’s national security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, talked about President Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the United Nations on Fox News’s Hannity with guest host Jeanine Pirro.

“It’s outrageous,” Gorka said:

This is a lame-duck presidency, but what’s happened in the last eight years? The Obama administration has created global chaos. The world is on fire wherever you look — north, south, east, and west. Europe, you see Russia invade Ukraine; Asia, you see China build fake islands and then put military installations on them. Then you see disaster after disaster in the Middle East. The rise of ISIS, the rise of Boko Haram, on and on and on.

“And what do they do? Instead of following the Hippocratic Oath for the last month of their administration — the ‘do no harm’ promise — what do they do? They throw gasoline on the fire. They side with everybody else who really is using the United Nations to execute a form of veiled anti-Semitism. There’s nothing else that you can describe this as,” he said.

Fellow guest Ric Grenell said there was “no question” the Obama administration was behind the controversial anti-Israel resolution at the UN.

“I spoke specifically and directly to the French ambassador to the United States, and he told me that they have been working on the Obama administration for weeks,” Grenell said. “Then we see the media from New Zealand that have now come out and confirmed the fact that the New Zealand foreign minister has had multiple conversations with John Kerry, trying to find the language that would be acceptable so that the United States would abstain.”

“This has been weeks in the making,” Grenell stated. “This is a plan of Ben Rhodes and Barack Obama. They have secretly tried at the end of the administration to give it to Israel. To try to blame this on New Zealand, or Egypt, or others while they have been the ones negotiating the language, they have been the ones that have been secretly trying to figure out a way — how do they kick Bibi Netanyahu on the way out the door.”

“Don’t forget that the Barack Obama team tried to defeat Bibi Netanyahu,” Grenell recalled. “This is a longstanding problem that we’ve had, from the Cairo speech at the beginning of the Obama administration, to now this lame-duck session where Ben Rhodes and Barack Obama are trying to kick Israel.”

When Pirro asked if President-elect Donald Trump could undo some of the damage Obama has done, Gorka noted that under international law, “this kind of resolution can’t be unilaterally undone.”

He added, given that “America is the most powerful nation in the world,” it is “the only nation that can really do something about this by itself, in terms of putting pressure on every nation responsible for this resolution.”

“On top of that, I think after January 20th, Judge, the White House will have a very different attitude to the utility of the United Nations, and also the importance of Israel, which is one of — if not our most — important ally in the Middle East,” Gorka told Pirro.

Grenell said the Israelis themselves have considerable leverage in international relations, but Trump could prove to be their strongest asset. “Let’s make it clear: President-elect Trump is going to be Israel’s best ally,” he declared. “He’s going to make sure that this is a priority.”

“This resolution is dangerous, Judge, in that it literally encourages countries to find ways to punish Israel for not giving up land to the Palestinians,” Grenell added:

This is a land dispute between two countries, and now we have an international body like the United Nations Security Council taking sides and saying that the world should punish Israel for not taking the Palestinian side, for not giving up land. It’s really outrageous. It directly affects every single nation. Donald Trump knows this, and he’ll make it a priority.

He concluded by noting, in response to Pirro’s point that Palestinian terrorists are paid a bounty for every Israeli they kill, that there is a “long history of rewarding Islamic terrorism around the region.”

“What we have to make clear — and I think Donald Trump will make clear — is that this is unacceptable. We’re going to stand with Israel, and we’re going to make sure that every country diplomatically is punished for trying to implement this resolution,” Grenell declared.


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