Islamic State Starts 2017 with Video of Toddler Executing Prisoner on Playground

Islamic State Starts 2017 with Video of Toddler Executing Prisoner on Playground

The Islamic State is back with another child-soldier video that is even more depraved than the last “Cubs of the Caliphate” release. This time around, the terror state gives us a small child blowing a chained prisoner’s head off in an abandoned amusement park. reports that the new video appeared on ISIS social media channels on Sunday, under the title “Sometimes With His Own Blood,” but it has also been posted under the name “He Revived Me by His Blood.” The footage was shot in Deir ez-Zor, Syria. The prisoners executed in the video are said to be Kurdish fighters.

Most of the children, dressed in military fatigues and stalking through an abandoned amusement park, executing prisoners tied to the inert rides, look to be around 10 years old. One of them performs a gruesome knife beheading on a captive.

The UK Sun has a clip from this sequence, with the shocking violence and bloody aftermath edited out. According to a report at PJ Media, it ends with the victim’s decapitated head sitting in the middle of the amusement-park ride while it slowly spins.

The most horrifying sequence in the new video shows a much younger boy — ARA News says he is 4 years old — approaching a prisoner chained to the wall of a dusty old ball pit. The little boy is handed a gun, and he proceeds to pump five rounds into the victim while shrieking, “Allahu akbar!”

The last child killer in the video cuts his victim’s throat next to a kiddie train track and then leaves his knife planted in the victim’s back.

The video includes coerced confessions from the prisoners. According to ARA News, they confess to working as spies for Kurdish forces.


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