Nikki Haley at U.N. Meeting: ‘North Korea Does Not Want to Live in a Peaceful World’

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks during a Security Council meeting on North Korea at the UN headquarters in New York on July 5, 2017. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting after North Korea said it had successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. / …

NEW YORK CITY, NY – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley took a hard line against North Korea at the U.N. Security Council Wednesday and warned member states thinking they can trade with the regime and continue their trading arrangement with the U.S.: “That’s not going to happen.”

Haley’s remarks came at an emergency session of the Security Council, called in the wake of North Korea’s test launch of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Tuesday – a missile that experts believe has the ability to reach Alaska.

In her remarks, Haley said the launch had “made the world a more dangerous place.”

“Their illegal missile launch was not only dangerous, but reckless and irresponsible. It shows that North Korea does not want to live in a peaceful world,” she said.

Haley also pointed to the case of Otto Warmbier, the American tourist who was imprisoned in 2016 for “subversion” in the country. He was released last month in a vegetative state and died days later.

“If North Korea will treat an innocent young student the way it treated Otto Warmbier, we should not be surprised if it acts barbarically on a larger scale,” she said.

Calling the ICBM launch a “clear and sharp military escalation,” she said that the U.S. is prepared to use a full range of capabilities to defend the U.S. and its allies. In doing so, she said, the U.S. is also prepared to take action against those who trade against North Korea.

Haley said she had spoken to President Trump about the issue Wednesday morning. “There are countries allowing and even encouraging trade with North Korea in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions. Such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the United States,” she said. “That’s not going to happen.”

“We will look at any country that chooses to do business with this outlaw regime. We will not have the patience for stalling or talking our way down to a watered down resolution,” she added, before noting that China makes up 90 percent of trade with North Korea.

Trump had commented on relations with China earlier Wednesday in which he appeared to be souring on a reset with China.

In her remarks, Haley said the U.S. intends to bring a new resolution to the Security Council in upcoming days in response to the missile launch. She warned the U.N. about inaction or using the same approaches it used before.

“We will not repeat the inadequate approaches of the past that have brought us to this dark day,” she said.

China, meanwhile, called on all parties to “exercise restraint” and avoid “belligerent rhetoric.” Russia showed skepticism as to whether it was indeed an ICBM, claiming data shows it to be in line with mid-range ballistic missiles.

“This requires thorough clarification and investigation,” Deputy U.N. Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said, adding that Russia was against any actions that could lead to a “hardening of antagonisms” and “warmongering.” 

Safronkov rejected sanctions and military action and instead hailed a joint initiative based on a Chinese proposal involving a “dual suspension and parallel progress” for North Korea, involving a moratorium on missile tests, and would include the U.S. ceasing to conduct training exercises in the region.

Haley took issue with Russia’s claims that it was not clear that the missile used was an ICBM, saying North Korea, as well as the international community, had said it was an ICBM. She also noted that some of those opposed to sanctions had veto powers at their disposal.

“If you are happy with North Korea’s actions, veto it. If you want to be a friend of North Korea, veto it.  But if you see this as a threat, if you see this for what it is – North Korea showing its muscle – then you need to stand strong and vote with the international community to strengthen sanctions on North Korea and if you choose not to, we will go our own path,” she warned.

Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.


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