Video: North Korea Fills Streets of Pyongyang for H-Bomb Celebration

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The communist government of North Korea staged a massive parade in its capital, Pyongyang, on Wednesday, in celebration of its allegedly “perfect” hydrogen bomb test on Sunday.

The regime forced large crowds to gather in the streets to greet the scientists responsible for constructing the bomb, waving flags and tossing flowers.

Those participating in the design of the weapon “visited the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill to make a report about their success and vow to successfully conclude their research and development campaign to attain the final-phase goals for perfecting the state nuclear force advanced at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, true to the guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un,” according to the state newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

“Along the routes of streets Pyongyangites gave warm welcome to the contributors, waving flags of the DPRK, red flags and bouquets,” the newspaper added.

North Korean state youtube channel Uriminzokkiri posted an hour-long video of the event featuring speeches from military leaders and showcasing the throngs of residents forced to express extreme joy or face legal retribution. North Korea has executed officials, including dictator Kim Jong-un’s uncle Jang Song-thaek, for crimes such as “clapping half-heartedly” at the alleged successes of the communist regime.

North Korea announced that it had conducted a “perfect” hydrogen fusion bomb test—a significant improvement in its nuclear development program if true.” All components of the H-bomb were homemade and all the processes ranging from the production of weapons-grade nuclear materials to precision processing of components and their assembling were put on the Juche basis, thus enabling the country to produce powerful nuclear weapons as many as it wants,” Rodong Sinmun announced this weekend.

The nuclear test followed the launch of a missile over northern Japan, triggering nuclear warnings throughout that region of the country and eliciting global condemnation. North Korea has since continued to threaten a nuclear attack on the United States and South Korea on a nearly daily basis in its state media outlets.

The parade is the latest such event following the “Day of the Sun” parade in April. The “Day of the Sun” is a holiday established to celebrate the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the founder of the repressive communist regime, which current dictator and grandson Kim Jong-un has used annually to showcase the nation’s military equipment in lavish parades. This year’s parade featured numerous intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), used in tests later in the year. “We will respond to an all-out war with an all-out war and a nuclear war with our style of a nuclear attack,” Choe Ryong Hae, a high-ranking North Korean official, said during that parade.

While the parades should ebullient crowds supportive of the Kim family cult, some reports suggest growing discontent in the nation, organized under a strict caste system that forbids families with relatives who oppose communism from entering its capital. The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun reported on Friday that sources within North Korea had said “some members of the North Korean public are beginning to voice their discontent with leader Kim Jong Un’s policy of military provocation.”

“According to the source, North Korean authorities have been cracking down on those who make remarks to the effect that ‘military buildup does not help in obtaining food,’ while at least one military researcher appears to have attempted to flee the country, fearing war with the United States,” the newspaper reported.

In response to the latest nuclear test, reports indicate the United Nations is seeking to implement sanctions on North Korea’s oil trade. Breitbart News obtained a copy of a draft UN resolution that would impose a complete embargo on the nation’s oil and textile industries.

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