Venezuelan Man Arrested for Getting Monkey Fatally Drunk for TikTok Video

capuchin monkey

Venezuela’s socialist regime arrested a man on Monday accused of forcing a monkey to consume a fatal amount of alcohol for the benefit of filming a TikTok video.

The arrest was announced by the Maduro regime’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab who confirmed that the man had been detained in Aragua state after footage of the monkey’s demise went viral.

“At the order of the Public Ministry, Wilson Enrique Niño Noguera has been charged in Aragua on charges of fatally alcoholizing a monkey, then publishing the video on the Tik Tok social network,” Saab wrote on Twitter.

The video shows the intoxicated monkey looking around before falling to the ground. After it went viral last Friday on the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok, Saab pledged to bring the man responsible to justice.

“This video expresses human cruelty against a harmless pet,” he wrote on Twitter at the time, sharing the graphic footage. “One can see how this being from the underworld, presumably from an Andean region: were laughed at and forced fatal amounts alcohol. Justice. No to animal abuse.”

In April, two Venezuelan soccer players were sacked by their first division team Zulia FC after they filmed themselves mistreating a kitten and shared it on social media. In a statement, the club said the two players had been “definitively expelled for violating the internal regulations of the club by carrying out actions that undermine the values of this institution.”

As noted by The Sun, although most pets on TikTok are filmed in friendly or amusing interactions with their owners, it has sadly become a hotbed of animal cruelty as users abuse creatures in an effort to create their own viral videos. The widespread sharing of abuse and other inappropriate content is one of the many controversies faced by the platform, with the U.S. government currently looking at possibly banning the app for stealing its user’s data and sharing it with the Chinese communist regime.

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