Amandla Stenberg announces she is ‘out and proud’

Amandla Stenberg announces she is 'out and proud'

June 17 (UPI) — Actress Amandla Stenberg came out as a lesbian on Instagram this weekend.

“OUT & PROUD,” she wrote in a post Saturday. “So happy to say the words Yep, I’m Gay in official print. Interviewed for @wonderland by someone I stan infinitely — the fiercest garbagio pop queen @kingprincess69. Thank you to KP for providing me with such a safe space to come out. We talk about gay sobbing, first encounters with lesbian masturbation, queer icons, Toni Morrison, disillusionment as a critical step, the art I’ve been working on, and the films that I have coming out this year. Full interview on newsstands now and available online Monday.”

The message accompanied photos of the 19-year-old Everything, Everything and The Hunger Games star in a rainbow wig and wearing a colorful, plaid jacket. The post also included a screenshot of the Wonderland article she referenced.