Chrissy Teigen says second pregnancy is ‘harder’ as a mom

Chrissy Teigen says second pregnancy is 'harder' as a mom

April 26 (UPI) — Chrissy Teigen said her second pregnancy is “harder” than her first.

The 32-year-old model and television personality discussed her pregnancy and 2-year-old daughter Luna in interviews Wednesday ahead of the birth of her son with husband John Legend.

“You realize your second pregnancy is harder because you have a kid already,” she told E! News while attending the City Harvest 35th anniversary gala with Legend.

“You have to divide your energy between raising a kid and carrying one as well,” Legend explained.

Legend told People he’s been helping Teigen by cooking more of their meals at home.

“I’ve always loved to cook, but I do it more now because she needs to sit down more,” the 39-year-old singer said.

“Lay down,” Teigen jokingly corrected.

Teigen and Legend confirmed in January that they’re expecting a baby boy. The couple celebrated daughter Luna’s second birthday this month.

“She says new things every day and we’re like, ‘Where did that come from?’” Teigen said of Luna while speaking to Us Weekly at the gala.

“We are definitely both toddler people, and we like talking back to them and interacting and being sassy back to them,” she added. “We like that kind of relationship and now we can totally do that.”