Donald Glover sings as Childish Gambino, appears as Lando on ‘SNL’

Donald Glover sings as Childish Gambino, appears as Lando on 'SNL'

May 6 (UPI) — Actor and rapper Donald Glover pulled double duty by guest hosting and providing the musical entertainment for this weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live.

Glover, 34, mentioned in his opening monologue that he is still curious about why he wasn’t hired as a cast member for SNL since he auditioned twice before finding success in the TV shows Atlanta and Community, and the upcoming movie Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“I used to live here and it’s so great to be back here, especially now that I am rich. No, seriously, I recommend it. I was poor here and it’s way better when you’re rich,” he said.

He later assumed his Star Wars role of Lando Calrissian to host the Galactic Summit for All Black Humans, where space-traveling characters played by Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones and Chris Redd are seen sitting in an empty hotel ballroom.

“Turnout was a little low. We were expecting 1,000 guests. I held out hope that there was a black human planet somewhere, but I guess it’s just us,” Lando told his audience of three.

Glover also performed a new song called “This is America” as his musical alter ego Childish Gambino later in the show.