Fury slams Joshua as a ‘pumped up weightlifter’

World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organisation heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, pictured on January 16, 2016, warns Wladimir Klitschko he is in for "another hiding" in their re-match later this year

London (AFP) – Tyson Fury has branded Anthony Joshua a “pumped up weightlifter” in the latest spat between the two British world heavyweight boxing champions.

Wednesday also saw Fury warn Wladimir Klitschko he is in for “another hiding” in their re-match later this year.

Fury, the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organisation heavyweight champion, beat Klitschko on points in Germany in November and will face the Ukrainian again in Manchester on July 9.

London 2012 gold medallist Joshua’s quick stoppage of defending champion Charles Martin to win the International Boxing Federation version of the heavyweight crown in London on Saturday has sparked calls for a unification bout with Fury.

It was Fury’s decision to seek a re-match with Klitschko that prompted the IBF to strip him of their version of the title.

And in the meantime, Joshua’s second-round stoppage of Martin left Fury decidedly unimpressed.

“I thought he looked like a pumped up weightlifter, out of his mind on drugs,” Fury said of the Olympic champion’s victory on Saturday.

“He fought an American who came to lay down and had about as much fight in him as this glass of water there, zero.”

Fury added: “The fight I have to worry about is Wlad because he is 10 times the man of any of them world champions. You don’t hold a belt for 10 years if you’re no good.

“It’s no good talking about these bums until I get past him. Providing I do that I’ll fight all of them. I’ll take on the British first because they’re the easiest. I’ll leave the Americans until afterwards.”

Fury was delighted to be facing Klitschko on home turf.

“It wasn’t very important for the fight to be in Manchester but it was very important that I wasn’t going back to Germany,” he said.

“I wouldn’t go back, end of. I wouldn’t get a decision. It’s in England. Wherever it was I wasn’t bothered.

“As I am the gypsy king I don’t have a hometown. Wherever I want to go is my hometown.”

Meanwhile, Fury’s father John, also present at the press conference, accused the British media and public of “racism” and disrespect towards his son.

“He’s got about as much respect for you lot as you have for him,” John Fury said.

“You should get behind a home-grown Manchester man and give him the credit he deserves.

“He’s’ the best heavyweight in the world. If I had Anthony Joshua I’d wrap him up in cotton wool. He’s laying golden eggs at the moment because give the public a con job and they’ll get right behind it.

“Tyson Fury is the best thing ever to come off these shores and has he got any respect? Where’s my son? Nowhere. Do you know why? Because it’s racism.

“He’s from the wrong background. If he was out of Peckham estate he would be having tea with the Queen-mother and being took round in an open-top bus.”


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