‘Hot Sauce’ finally loses challenge at Atlanta Hawks game

March 31 (UPI) — Two young boys beat street ball legend “Hot Sauce” in a halftime challenge at the Atlanta Hawks game Friday at Philips Arena.

The challenge stipulates that if a fan can keep the AND1 Mixtape Tour star from scoring for 24 seconds, they win a $50 gift card. If they can steal the ball, they win a set of Kumho tires.

Philip “Hot Sauce” Champion had never lost the challenge entering Friday’s Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers game. The Sixers beat the Hawks 101-91.

Before the challenge, the boys were asked if they had anything to say to Hot Sauce.

“Look out,” one of them said.

One of the boys stayed beyond the 3-point line to face up with Hot Sauce, while the other waited at the free throw line. Hot Sauce did some slick crossovers before losing control of the basketball. The boy guarding the street baller then jumped on the ball for the steal, but Hot Sauce fended him off. Then the other boy came in and secured the takeaway.

Hot Sauce couldn’t believe that he lost the challenge. After the first competition, he said that he “didn’t lose it” and wanted another shot.

He went against the boys again and drove past them for a shot, but it rimmed out.