Ireland’s famous Sammy the seal afraid of Trump photo


WICKLOW, Ireland, April 15 (UPI) — Residents of an Irish town have found a new way to scare off a famous road-crossing seal: Chasing him with a picture of Donald Trump.

A video posted to YouTube by user The Fish Guy shows Sammy the seal emerge from the water at his usual spot in Wicklow and attempt to cross the street to beg for food at The Lighthouse seafood restaurant.

However, Sammy turns and flees back into the water when a man runs toward him carrying a poster board emblazoned with the face of the Republican U.S. presidential hopeful.

Sammy cautiously bobs in the water, keeping a safe distance from the Trump poster.

Wicklow residents said Sammy visits the same spot almost every day to beg for scraps from The Lighthouse.


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