Leonardo to aid cyber-protection of satellite navigation


Sept. 27 (UPI) — Leonardo is to define the requirements and processes for the cyber protection of the Galileo satellite navigation program.

The program is managed by the European Commission. The European Space Agency is responsible for the system’s infrastructure.

“Satellite-based assets play a major role in the daily lives of citizens and for national critical infrastructures,” said Leonardo Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Profumo. “Defending them against cyber threats has become essential.”

Under the space agency contract, Leonardo will conduct a study into the management of data security for the Galileo European navigation satellite program, as well as develop architecture and define requirements and processes for information security.

Leonardo said it intends to define a security monitoring system for Galileo, taking into account new mission requirements and new security standards and procedures.

Galileo is a global navigation and satellite system to provide Europe with an independent and accurate positioning service.

Information as to the monetary value of the contract was not disclosed.


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