China curbs corruption with Marxist re-education

BEIJING, July 21 (UPI) —

China’s Communist Party recommended remedial ideological education for its officials in the country’s anti-corruption campaign.

A statement from the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China on Sunday noted a loss of faith and a moral decline among government officials, adding a re-education in Marxist principles is called for, as well as improvement of officials’ morals.

"Chinese officials should safeguard the spiritual independence of the nation and avoid becoming an echo of western moral values," it said.

The state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua said authorities would "work to improve officials’ morals, calling on them to be noble, pure and virtuous persons who have relinquished vulgar tastes."

Among the offenses cited in the anti-corruption campaign is adultery, a violation largely ignored among Chinese officials. At least two government figures are currently under investigation by the CPC for alleged adulterous conduct.


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