Warren calls for Trump’s impeachment

April 20 (UPI) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., became the first major Democratic 2020 presidential candidate to call for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report this week.

In a series of posts Friday on Twitter, Warren attempted to lay out her case for the House of Representatives to begin its effort to impeach Trump.

“I read the Mueller report. When I got to the end, I realized this is a point of principle,” Warren wrote. “Because it matters not just for this president, but for all future presidents. No one is above the law.”

Warren, who was taunted by Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign after the senator claimed Native American heritage, called on Democrats and Republicans to “set aside political considerations,” suggesting that impeachment proceedings should be bipartisan.

“To ignore a president’s repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country, and it would suggest that both the current and future presidents would be free to abuse their power in similar ways,” Warren continued.

Warren claimed that the Mueller report showed that Russia attempted to tilt the election in Trump’s favor and that he welcomed the helped while attempting to derail the investigation afterward.

“Mueller put the next step in the hands of Congress: ‘Congress has authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice.’ The correct process for exercising that authority is impeachment,” Warren wrote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spoken out against starting impeachment procedures unless there was a bipartisan call while other Democrats have concentrated on the 2020 election to address Trump’s conduct.

In the 1990s, Republicans lost seats in Congress after their failed attempt to remove Democratic President Bill Clinton in impeachment hearings.

The Mueller investigation did not find sufficient evidence to charge Trump and his associates of colluding with Russia during the election but did not exonerate him on obstruction of justice charges.


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