Delingpole: Sarah Vine – #MeToo Is Embarrassing

Sarah Vine – Daily Mail columnist (and wife of possible future Prime Minister Michael Gove – though they do not talk about that on this occasion, not for any sinister reason…) chats with James on this week’s Delingpole.

The two discuss how Vine got her “Lynda Lee-Potter” job as the doyenne of women’s journalism.

Then they move on to the plague of social media – “life is not a hashtag” – before Sarah tells us exactly what she thinks about #MeToo (not impressed).

Finally, James and Vine discuss the friendships they have both lost as a result of Brexit. The conversation goes so well that James dares venture the opinion that all women are slightly insane…


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James Delingpole is a writer, journalist, and columnist. He is a writer at Breitbart London. Follow him on Twitter: @JamesDelingpole.



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