The Science Behind the ACORN Sting


After going undercover on the east coast, James and I headed to the west coast. We knew it was a risky endeavor but the results on the east coast were too good to ignore. We had to test our scenario in an opposite region. It is like a science experiment:

1) Ask A Question: What if a “prostitute” and her alleged law school boyfriend walk into ACORN seeking housing for an underage brothel to fund his future congressional campaign?

2) Do Background Research:

  1. Learn as much about ACORN housing procedures and protocol as possible.
  2. History of ACORN and their effect on the United States

3) Construct a Hypothesis: ACORN is corrupt and it is in their nature to promote and disguise illegal behavior.

4) Experiment: Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, San Bernardino, and…

5) Analyze and draw a conclusion.


James O’Keefe and I posed a question and gathered the evidence. We’ve run around this nation on a quest for truth unraveling the mystery of organized corruption.

You Decide.


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