Hannah Giles

When Generations Collide: Ezra Klein, Will You Cook Me Dinner?

Last month, I attended my first ever CPAC. It was quite the experience, complete with one extended chat with Max Blumenthal. I’ve wanted to meet Max ever since he launched an attack on James O’Keefe. I figured maybe if I

Hannah's Excellent ACORN/Mainstream Media Adventure

If I’d known my fall and winter season would consist of zero 10-hour beach days, only two games of beach football and a single surf session, I would have for sure given those ACORN videos a little more thought. Yep,

Girl Talk: My Time with Tresa Kaelke

**This is a Part II of the ACORN San Bernardino exposé. “[ACORN San Bernardino Office Supervisor Christina] Spach said Kaelke pretended to cooperate with O’Keefe and Giles because she feared for her safety.” -The San Bernardino Sun                               [youtube G9gAD9JqKc0

The Science Behind the ACORN Sting

After going undercover on the east coast, James and I headed to the west coast. We knew it was a risky endeavor but the results on the east coast were too good to ignore. We had to test our scenario