Girl Talk: My Time with Tresa Kaelke

**This is a Part II of the ACORN San Bernardino exposé.

[ACORN San Bernardino Office Supervisor Christina] Spach said Kaelke pretended to cooperate with O’Keefe and Giles because she feared for her safety.

-The San Bernardino Sun


[youtube G9gAD9JqKc0 nolink]

Miss Tresa Kaelke came off as the “cool” grandma type: ready to talk, listen and dive into something adventurous. She was very much straight out of the free-love and anti-war era. She was not there to discriminate; she was there to condone and get her twisted fill of gossip for the day.

Example: when we were in the office with her I noticed a rose on her white pants (front left side). I commented and said “I like your rose,” and she responded with something along the lines of, “Thanks, I just drew it myself.” It was actually a cute and well drawn rose… colorful and cute. If she hadn’t told me she drew it I would have assumed the pants came like that.

Tresa was elated to have such an interesting visit that Monday afternoon. We went in with the same scenario as all the past ACORN offices and she, upon learning our line of work and alleged purpose for the visit, began openly disclosing information about her sex life, criminal history and political involvement.

After Talking with Jim Miller (the man across the street), Tresa and I ended up talking by ourselves for several minutes. She gave me some advice on locations for my underage brothel (based on the political arena) and said that I should have a separate savings account for a lawyer so that if I do get into trouble with the authorities, having a high class lawyer will help my reputation.

Then we moved into the personal side of things.

She went on to talk about how one day, my character (Eden), would break James’ heart. He would be devastated and I need to be careful not to make the wrong person mad, especially since he is a future lawyer and has political aspirations.

She wasn’t fearful. She was bored.

When James came back, she stopped talking about how I was going to break his heart. She switched gears and went on to tell James he has the look of royalty. I thought it strange and was trying to figure out where she was going with the conversation, but then I realized she was trying to help me with the break up process. She was doing this to boost his ego so that heartbreak wouldn’t hit hard, setting me up for an escape from the relationship. A man with confidence and ego is less likely to relish the wounds of heartbreak and rejection… so I jumped in and called her a “fox.” We all laughed, and chatted some more. She gave James some sage wisdom, telling him, “If you love something, let it go.”


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