The Educated Idiots Award (Vol. 1, No. 3): 'Redemption Song'

EIAgraphic copy

This week, the vast majority of the American people have nominated a motley crew of elitists for the “Educated Idiots Award:”

The arrogant Democrats who will defy the American people and abet Obama’s nearly trillion dollar government takeover of Americans’ health care.

Embodying the arrogant intellectuals unacquainted with real life who foist their insane ideas on the rest of us, these ideologically addled Democrats:

1. Feel they are smarter than you;

2. Believe they can run your life better than you; and,

3. Consider themselves your masters not your servants.

Because of these self-anointed, educated idiots our nation’s revolutionary experiment in freedom and self-government teeters on the precipice of implosion.

But even if this abominable bill should pass, our sanctuary of liberty shall not. America’s strength and salvation remains her free people. And this November, all across America her sovereign citizens will teach these Democratic educated idiots that we do not work for government; government works for us.

Keep the faith! Seize your freedom! Save our country!

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