The First Referendum on Nationalized Healthcare is in Congressional District FL-19

The deed has been done. In one of the most shameful episodes in American History, the Obama Administration has signed into law a not-so-gradual government takeover of the health insurance system- a takeover that simultaneously subverts our Constitution and governs against the will of the American people. The near total disconnect between the political rhetoric employed by the Obama Administration to promote and pass this legislation with how it will actually affect your most private health care decisions is an offense against freedom loving Americans who want no part of government run health care.

eric_wilson_get_out_and_vote_americaPrior to last weekend’s disgraceful scene within the House Democratic Caucus, I had stated that our forthcoming Special Election on April 13th could potentially have implications for the Obamacare vote if the Democrats failed to come up with the necessary votes before our special election. In light the law’s signing by President Obama, our special election now becomes the first referendum on this egregious power play. The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress may have had the power to accomplish what they did with our healthcare system, but they assuredly did not have either the constitutional right or the public’s consent to pass such a law. The good news is that we don’t have to wait until November to make the Democrats feel the blowback for such a naked sellout of our country.

My opponent, Ted Deutch, is running one of the most clandestine and cowardly congressional campaigns ever conducted. Deutch is simply conducting a base mobilization campaign that shields him from the public as much as possible, and he is unwilling to debate or defend his agenda in open forums. His evasiveness makes it clear that he feels he is heading towards a coronation rather than an election, and needless to say, Deutch is 100% in the tank for the Obama agenda.

As I walk the campaign trail every day, it’s plainly obviously to me that ordinary Americans are not some easily pliant people who will simply defer to big-government edicts, bullying, and coercion that will ultimately leave them without recourse. I continue to be inspired by the knowledge that countless numbers of freedom-loving Americans will not remain silent as a renegade Congress and President continue to deprive us of our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

By contributing, 5, 10, or 20 dollars to our campaign, your donation will count towards a full and unequivocal REPEAL of the most dangerous legislation passed since this nation’s founding, as well as a vote against the pending power grabs that are in the works by the Obama administration- pushes for the passage of cap and trade legislation as well as blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants. Please support my candidacy for Congress and our campaign at our website- , and thank you for your support.


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