NAACP Looks for Relevance In Wrong Place…Race


My reaction to the idea of the NAACP declaring the citizen movement known as the Tea Party as racist is ridiculous. I am Black. I have spoken at over twenty rallies and conferences. I have talked directly with hundreds of tea party activists, and have received hundreds of calls from activists to my nightly radio show. Tea Party people are patriots, who want the federal government to stop the spending, stop the legislative abuse, stop the tax increases and start adhering to the Constitution.

Tea Party-11a_storyphoto

It is unfortunate that a once relevant and impactful organization is looking for relevance in the wrong place, namely, race. It should be about unity instead of divisiveness.

I have been called a sell-out, an Uncle Tom and shameless because I disagree with this President’s policies. Those who are calling me those names have probably never been to a Tea Party event, and I doubt officials of the NAACP have attended an event either. Those that would like to join the name calling parade should save themselves some time. In my grandfather’s vernacular, “I does not care!”

This President ran on a campaign of hope and change, but his change is not working … over 4 million Americans lost jobs in 2009, the unemployment rate has gone from 7.6% in January 2009 to 9.5% in June 2010, the unemployment rate for Black Americans is over 15% and not getting better, and the national debt has increased exponentially to over $13 trillion since January 2009.

Tea Party people are not racist…they are Patriotic Americans who want the greatest country in the world to remain the greatest, by exercising their right to make their voices heard.

This isn’t about race. This is about results, and the results by this administration are missing in action.