Gibbs Hits the Bricks, Uncle Jimbo for Press Secretary

Well it seems that the President’s designated liar is about to exit the revolving door and go rake in some satchels of cash as a private, rather than public, political tool. Uh buh bye Gibby, it will be tough to replace your smug, smirking, professionally, un-informed visage, but I have a suggestion. I have been campaigning for the job of Press Secretary since watching the jackals of the White House Press Corps batting the feckless Scott McClellan around like a cat toy. So the time is now, and the tool is me. Here is the cunning plan. I have prepared 3 audition Press Briefs and with some grass roots support I could be beating the jackals like wet dogs in a dry house. You can let them know by tweeting Uncle Jimbo for Press Secretary to @presssec.

Episode 1 is “Reefer Madness”

[youtube sqvZe9hpZlM]