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Radical Islamic Group Scores Invites to SOTU

At least two members of a radical Islamic group will be attending as guests of Members of Congress, supposedly to represent American Muslims. That is a disgrace.

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Andrew Breitbart: A Brother in Arms

I didn’t want to write this because I didn’t want to believe it. How can a force of such indomitable will be gone? I call Andrew Breitbart a brother in arms, not because he served–he didn’t–but because he fought for

Andrew Breitbart: A Brother in Arms

Karzai's Brother Killed In Kandahar

WOW! This is a huge event and it could shake up all of the cunning plans currently underway in Afghanistan by all concerned parties. Ahmed Wali Karzai (AWK) was the main power broker in southern Afghanistan and deeply involved with

Obama Reelection Trumps Strategy In Afghanistan

Sadly Obama has made my warning in this video (one deserved f-bomb at the end) from just after his inauguration come true . He had no intention of fighting to victory in Afghanistan, only covering his political ass. He needs

DADT Repeal Not A Moral Decision

There is a post up earlier today today here at Big Peace that questions the wisdom of repealing DADT, which is a perfectly fine thing to question. But in doing so the author, a Reserve NCO, decides that DADT is

Teenagers Our Secret Weapon In Afghanistan?

Well that would sure be a pleasant surprise. Jim Hake and the folks at Spirit of America are testing the concept and it seems to have legs. As the US was zeroing in on Bin Laden, we were organizing a

What Axl Rose Can Teach Us About Fighting in Libya

In the words of that timeless philosopher Axl Rose. “What’s so civil about war anyway?” [youtube E9VhD4SccSE] My hands are tied For all I’ve seen has changed my mind But still the wars go on as the years go by

Russia Still Believes They Are A Superpower

While we are busy cutting our military budget the Russians are following the lead of the Chinese and building up. Moscow – The graying bear is getting a make-over. Russia’s military is launching its biggest rearmament effort since Soviet times,

Psyops on Senators in Afghanistan? Not Hardly

First a juicy bit to whet the appetite. This is from the military investigation that got the guy, LTC Holmes, who is accusing the military of using Psychological Operations against US Senators, and his female subordinate MAJ Levine booted from

New Commander for Pipehitters Local #69

General Votel in the field JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command, is the guys who get out of the black helicopters and scarf up bad guys or sometimes simply ventilate them and allow them to return to room temperature. They are

Whose Side Are We On In Egypt? Bill Kristol Is Right

The Obama administration has led with all the clarity of crude oil regarding Egypt, so it is left to others to point the way. Glenn Beck gave it a shot and posited a cunning plan with the American (and world)

Ronald W. Reagan

In his day he was reviled in ways that George W. Bush could commiserate about. He was denigrated as just an actor, a lightweight, an extremist and many other insults. And yet now he is revered by most including many

Women in Combat Units- Oh! Hell! No!

The current argument over women in combat units is gonna be a long and lively scrap, so strap in. Deebow led off nicely noting the simple fact that the law of tonnage applies in combat. Women are not as big

Chinese J20 Stealth Fighter: Time To Freak Out?

The Chinese rolled out a fighter jet designated as the J-20 for a test which is fueling speculation about whether this is their fifth generation stealth fighter. While nobody can answer that definitively, it raises a pretty important question. If

Gibbs Hits the Bricks, Uncle Jimbo for Press Secretary

Well it seems that the President’s designated liar is about to exit the revolving door and go rake in some satchels of cash as a private, rather than public, political tool. Uh buh bye Gibby, it will be tough to

Don't Poison the Ivy League with 'Military Death Squads'?!

Sometimes the Washington Post prints a piece that you know warmed the cockles of of its editor’s cold hearts. They have to pretend to be impartial (I know, quit laughing), but they take themselves quite seriously. So they bring in

UN Maps Show Security Deteriorating in Afghanistan

There have been some arguments recently about the relative security in parts of Afghanistan. The Obama administration has made claims of military success since beginning the mini-Surge, but internal UN maps showing a decrease in the security status came out

Implementing DADT- Devil's in the Details

Gays can now serve openly in the military, but what the heck does that actually mean? Can they serve as Grand Marshal in the Gay Pride parade, and will there be one of those on base? Will we see a

OMG: There Are Gays in the Military

There have been gays in the military for as long as we have had one. They just had to pretend they weren’t gay. They were banned because there was a time when too many of our troops were uncomfortable enough

Obama's Afghan War Review- More Kinetic Ops

The Obama administration has released its year long review of progress in the Afghan War and there are a number of points being seized upon for discussion. One is the fact that we have conducted large numbers of raids and

What is Our Afghanistan Strategy? A Reply to Diana West

It is a question that sadly bears asking. In the midst of the complete debacle that is Obama’s domestic policy, it is easy to forget what a soup sandwich his foreign policy is as well. Afghanistan was Obama’s rallying cry

WikiLeaks- The Technical Problem

I know more than your average knuckle dragger about cybersecurity and the technical issues around the WikiLeaks debacle. Full disclosure, I work with a software company that has engineered and is currently building a secure collaboration product that could significantly

We Need a Defense Against a 'Swarm' Terrorist Attacks

John Arquilla is the Director of the Information Operations Center at the Naval Post Graduate School. He is a serious thinker and analyst who specializes in networked warfare, both technology-wise and tactically. There is a lot to be said for