Net Neutrality Power Grab Is Worse than Obamacare

There are a lot of similarities between the nine-month-long shove of ObamaCare across the legislative finish line and the four-plus year Media Marxist push to the December 21st 3-2 Democrat Party-line Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote to impose Network Neutrality.

But in some of the most important ways, the Net Neutrality power grab was and is worse.

On ObamaCare, every Congressional Republican save one voted Nay. Most voiced strong and pronounced opposition throughout the long legislative slog. It garnered the GOP the moniker of the “Party of No” – which was meant by the forces of Big Government to be derogatory.

But the American people – in agreement with the Republicans on the policies to which they were saying “No” – rewarded their negativity with historic November electoral victories.

As unpopular as ObamaCare was – and is still – at least those who foisted it upon us did so via the legislative process in the People’s Congress. Officials elected by you and me decided – against our expressed wishes – to pass it. And we had the subsequent opportunity to throw them out – which, again, we did in record numbers.

The same cannot be said about the route travelled to the imposition of Net Neutrality.

As with the Congressional Republicans on ObamaCare, the two Republican FCC Commissioners voted Nay. They too voiced their opposition to both the regulatory product and its process.

But in the end – over strenuous opposition – we got stuck with both ObamaCare and Net Neutrality.

You will note that on the latter, it was an FCC vote on unilateral regulation – not a Congressional vote on legislation. The FCC cannot legitimately regulate anything unless and until Congress writes a law making it so – and Congress has not done so with regard to the Internet and Net Neutrality. And FCC Commissioners are not elected, which means we have no direct way of redressing our grievances when they vote themselves new authoritarian powers.

In these ways, the Net Neutrality power grab was FAR worse than was the one executed for ObamaCare.

The Media Marxists who birthed the ridiculous notion that is Network Neutrality actually did begin their push in Congress, way back in 2006 – when the Republicans were last running the show. The idea went (rightfully) nowhere.

So dead was the notion of Net Neutrality legislation that – despite the Democrats taking over in 2007 – the Purveyors of the Pathetic abandoned their attempts at persuading the People’s representatives and set their sights on the FCC.

Where, again, the number of votes they needed to accrue was a much more manageable three – and, again, amongst folks who do not have to face those nasty elections.

So after two years of quietly building the fraudulent case for unilateral FCC Net Neutrality regulatory fiat – the Media Marxist Nirvana arrived. Barack Obama- an on-the-record pro-Net Neutrality Democrat – was elected President in 2008. And with him came a 3-2 Democrat FCC majority.

And this past December 21st, the Media Marxists’ FCC Net Neutrality dream came true.

But, again, it was done without authority from the People’s representatives. In fact, 302 of them (including more than 80 Democrats) told the FCC not to do it. Then there was the D.C. Circuit Court, which ruled unanimously that the FCC doesn’t have the authority. More than 150 organizations, state legislators and bloggers gave them the anti-Nike “Don’t do it.” So too did seventeen minority groups (that are usually almost always in Democrat lockstep) and many additional normally Democrat paragons – including several large unions, several racial grievance groups and an anti-free market environmentalist group.

Most likely, never again will a government agency have such broad, deep and bipartisan opposition to something it has proposed to do. All the while knowing it does not have the authority to do it – and then going ahead and doing it anyway.

Which is just what the FCC did on Net Neutrality.

So for pure, unadulterated, authoritarian, raw government thuggery, ObamaCare is really bad – but Net Neutrality is even worse.

But why quibble? Let’s repeal both.


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