Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky Calls Andrew Breitbart A 'Sleaze Bag'-Wants To Ban Critical Media

Yesterday, Jan Schakowsky sat in on the Don Wade and Roma show on Chicago’s WLS 890 AM.

The topic of the Obama White House banning a critical media outlet came up, and Schakowsky was asked if she would ever like to exclude any media outlets. She promptly responded that she would like to ban Breitbart from covering her, calling him a “Sleaze bag” in a vicious and uncivil personal attack. Full clip here.

[youtube 6FjUthrUjoo]

She probably feels this way because while covering the Schakowsky-Pollak congressional race last year on behalf of Big Government, Founding Bloggers and Adam Sharp of Sharp Elbows had the temerity to ask Representative Schakowsky some basic questions that she couldn’t/wouldn’t answer: 1) Where in the Constitution does Congress have the authority to force someone to buy a product or service? 2) What is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and what is Democratic Socialism? Jan is a long-time supporter of the DSA, but for some reason she is shy about this association.

Here is the coverage that Democrat Representative Jan Schakowsky does not want you to see:

[youtube xfKXw__P89w]

And the full report is here:

[youtube y6PEQ5Q2yZ0]

The First Amendment is designed to protect us from the likes of Jan Schakowsky. She practically admits that in the first clip above.


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