Alice Walker, Do You Support Hamas?

Alice Walker, Author of the book “The Color Purple”, and public campaigner with and for President Barack Obama, has cut a CodePink video in support of the upcoming Hamas Flotilla, scheduled for June 2011.

In the video, she compares Hamas and Fatah to black people of the segregated South of the 1950’s.

[youtube VB6qZs-VJLw]

Let’s not forget that during the previous Hamas Flotilla, they chanted about Mohammed coming for the Jews – to kill them.

[youtube b3L7OV414Kk]

This was widely reported, so by continuing to support the movement wherein they chant about the Islamist dream of dead Jews, Alice Walker is de-facto endorsing this bloodlust.

Also, let’s remember how Hamas came to power:

[youtube 4HumWF9YKPk]

And lets not forget their “systemic executions”

[youtube SL6LGAZBWGI]

Let’s also remember what Hamas and Fatah teach their children:

[youtube kTK5PRtHjlk]

Alice Walker, do you support Hamas? It sure smells like you do.

The most charitable explanation is that Alice Walker is a useful idiot for the Muslim Brotherhood. A less charitable explanation, especially after confirmation of al Qaeda terrorists participating in the previous Hamas flotilla, is that Alice Walker is a disingenuous anti-Zionist who is crapping all over the legacy of the civil rights movement while helping Sharia inspired genocidal maniacs realize their dream of annihilating the infidel Jews.


Here is a link to Alice Walker’s blog at (Don’t worry, we downloaded the page just incase His Presidency decides to disappear it)

Also, here is a link that the Obama Campaign created to allow their followers to spam their own address books with Alice Walker’s glowing endorsement of Obama. (again, cached)

President Obama sure was capitalizing on Alice Walker back in 2008. Will she be a part of the campaign again? Or will they throw her under the bus?


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