Churchill Never Used a Teleprompter [Video]


New from the Accuracy in Media A/V Room:

Last week, the English took a cue from our TSA and gave President Obama an intimate political pat down. Understanding that the POTUS has a well-known thirst for attention and acceptance that rivals any 13-year-old girl, the UK bestowed a plethora of monarchical appeasement practices upon him. In the joint session of Parliament, the President takes the proverbial cake in this useless aggrandizing.

The entire event was merely an altar of self-praise for Obama and a practice in stale teleprompter platitudes for Parliament. The President needlessly drenched the speech with WWII wistfulness, once obtusely commenting “gone are the days when Churchill and Roosevelt could solve the world’s problems over a glass of Brandy.”

There are so many factual and farcical errors in this speech it is almost mind numbing. The trite nod to Adam Smith; the claiming of victory for wars The POTUS voted to defund; and classless jokes about the Revolutionary war could all be found in this address. In a borderline desperate attempt to connect with his audience, Obama cites that he is a “grandson of a cook in the British Army.” The “President of the World” has struck again.

Mixed with the other humiliating blunders of the President abroad, it is perplexing as to why he is not burned in effigy by the media. As is protocol, Obama gets a free pass on the international stage when others (remember Bush trying to open the door in Beijing?) get scoured mercilessly.

Even though the President and his administration has violated the sanctity of the ‘Special Relationship’ time and time again, it seems that the all-forgiving English still have a place in their hearts for a man who insultingly speaks over their national anthem.

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