The Schakowsky Conundrum Continues – Countdown To Hamas Flotilla 2

Schakowsky and grijalva

QUESTION: What do you do if you are a Progressive supporter of Israel, and your Progressive fellow travelers are proudly organizing the American wing of the Hamas Flotilla movement?

ANSWER: Nothing. You are powerless to stop it.

It’s called the Schakowsky Conundrum, named after Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Jan is fiercely committed to two things in this world, in no particular order: 1) Socialism 2) Israel. It must be torture for her to watch as her Progressive leadership supports the Flotilla.

Why is Jan Schakowsky a slave to her Flotilla-loving leadership? Because they are the co-sponsors of all of her pet legislation. For example, in the image above Rep. Grijalva is speaking glowingly of Jan and her proposal to raise taxes on the evil rich capitalists of America.

For those who have been keeping score, Rep. Raul Grijalva is the co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and a leading board member of the openly Flotilla-supporting Progressive Democrats of America.

Here is Rep. Grijalva unloading his love all over Rep Schakowsky:

[youtube 2D9_eUG0to8]

Here is Rep. Schakowsky on (state run?) Russia TV that same day! She’s having lots of fun bagging on evil-selfish-rich-Americans.

[youtube ktXULJYNBC0]

Do you think Jan Schakowsky ever raises the issue of the Hamas Flotilla with her friends at the Progressive Democrats of America, or at (state run?) Russia TV?


The Hamas Flotilla 2 scheduled for launch on June 20th, 2011.


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