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Your Handy Guide To Obama Board's Attack on Workplace Democracy


Andrew Breitbart, proprietor of this here outlet, is already getting plaudits for his presentation at this year’s RightOnline convention (you can see his speech here). But the weekend event also held lots of policy and digital advocacy conversations, including one on the issue of union thugs trying to kill American companies and jobs.

A hot topic, of course, is the NLRB’s threat to kill jobs at a Boeing plant in South Carolina (because of which legislators are considering the Job Protection Act). But, sadly, there are many other concerns on the horizon, including “project labor agreements” that shut out the vast majority of the construction workforce and a host below-the-radar issues before the Big Labor-stacked National Labor Relations Board that threaten to kill jobs and slow our economy in the name of helping President Obama’s biggest political backer. For the latter, take a brief gander at a cleaned-up version of my presentation, which includes case citations for those who are interested in digging further.

[vimeo 25241984]

Or you can check out the video in this post, which includes fellow panelists Brett McMahon of Miller & Long Concrete Construction and Halt The Assault and Don Loos of National Right To Work and my fellow blogger at Big Government.

Enjoy (you know, if you enjoy forty-five minutes of learning how special interests are trying to tank our economy): RightOnline Job Creation from AFPhq on Vimeo.

Bonus link: for more about issues before the National Labor Relations Board, check out


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