Obama Is 'Amused' – America, Not So Much


Before taking questions during yesterday’s press conference, Barack Obama issued a rambling statement that ran the left wing gamut from class warfare to an implied lament that taxes are too low. For the most part, it came across as a tedious tour through the failed Democrat’s playbook. The only time the President seemed truly engaged was when he used his daughters’ superb scholastic abilities to scold Congress for not taking decisive action on the debt limit crisis.

“You know, Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time,” the President told the press corps. “Malia is 13 and Sasha is 10. It is impressive. They don’t wait until the night before. They’re not pulling all-nighters. They’re 13 and 10. You know, Congress can do the same thing. If you know you’ve got to do something, just do it.”

Yes, according to the President, if only the members of congress could move as fast as a pair of 10 and 13 year old girls, they’d be able to fix the mess he’s created.

However, if the President is to be believed, they have no intention of doing so. Congress is just too busy taking vacations. Obama lashed out at this practice, claiming that while Senators and Representatives have been in and out of town, vacationing and partying like latter day F. Scott Fitzgeralds, he’s been left alone in Washington, doing all the work.

“They’re in one week. They’re out one week,” Obama scolded. “And then they’re saying Obama’s got to step in – you need to be here, I’ve been here, I’ve been doing Afghanistan, bin Laden, and the Greek crisis. You stay here.”


A president who’s played more golf in two years that most can squeeze into eight is taking the anti-vacation moral high ground?

Is this the same Barack Obama who, in 2009 and 2010 enjoyed frighteningly expensive Martha’s Vineyard vacations? Is this the same Barack Obama that is currently planning a third such excursion? Didn’t we all watch with rapt attention as the President and first family took multiple vacations to Hawaii, one of which he reluctantly interrupted to deal with a pesky terrorist attack over metro Detroit?

Wasn’t this the man who once used the hundred thousand dollar per hour Air Force One to whisk his wife away for a Broadway dream date?

Evidently, no. This Barack Obama is new. He would never take such extravagant trips when there’s so much to be done. Frankly, he doesn’t have the time. He’s just too busy with all the work – and he’d appreciate it if Americans would stop suggesting otherwise.

“I am very amused,” Obama said, “when I start hearing comments about ‘well the President needs to show more leadership on this.”

Yes, if you’re one of the people who feels that the President has done too little to fix the all-consuming debt that he’s created; you can pat yourself on the back. You’ve managed to amuse the man. Likewise, if you’re among the majority of Americans who believe Barack Obama’s policies have led this country to the brink of disaster, job well done. You’ve given him a chuckle.

It’s interesting to note that the President’s statement came on a day when Rasmussen polling shows him running second to ANY generic Republican challenger. Obama may be amused, but if the polls are to believe, American voters are not.

“Call me naive,” Obama said, “but my expectation is leaders are going to lead.”

Funny, but a majority of the country felt the same way the night this President was elected. Apparently, after two years of golf, vacations, and willfully destructive policy, it’s starting to look like he’s not the only one feeling let down.


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