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In NLRB Hearing, Congressional Dems Ignore Worker; Reminisce of 1935


How do unelected Obama appointed NLRB board members bring about Card Check and bypass congress and secret ballot elections? On Thursday July 7th as the House Education & Workforce Committee was trying to get to the bottom of the NLRB actions in a Capitol Hill Hearing, the National Right To Work was busy giving the answers to congress.

Enclosed in the book The Devil At My Doorstep, a first-hand account written by Dave Bego of the extremes Big Labor is willing to go to avoid having a secret ballot election, was a letter briefly explaining the NLRB’s steps toward implementing Card Check through regulations and other NLRB activity (click image to read letter).

On Thursday, The National Right To Work Committee distributed the book to members of congress to provide them the opportunity to read about the turmoil that card check corporate campaigns have on the lives of individual employees, their families, and communities.

In the hearing on Thursday, Larry Getts, a former union steward, who lived through a community dividing UAW campaign, was prepared to answer any questions regarding the anguish individual workers, their families, and his community suffered.

But, Democrat members refused to actually ask a real employee about what happens or how he felt about the NLRB’s actions. Outrageously, one congressman spent his five minutes reminiscing about the wonderful 1930’s and the Wagner Act that created the NLRB and federally sanctioned forced unionism.

Most of the other Democrats gave much of their time to Kenneth Dau-Schmidt, the somewhat paroxysmal professor from Indiana University, who could think of no reason why joining any union would be wrong for an employee. Though when asked again, he did say maybe for religious reasons.

While many Republican members tried to find a reason for the NLRB’s irrational proposal, they needed to look no farther than the Democrat’s Professor for the answer. For he, like Obama’s recess appointed NLRB board member Craig Becker, believes that forcing someone to pay union dues is a fair and reasonable thing to do. The real problem appears to be that we waited 159 years until 1935 to begin Rep. Kildee’s glory days of forced unionism. To Kildee and Becker, people must learn “a share” of their paycheck actually belongs to a union, even if that union has not been around for the past twenty years of their career.

Union membership trends indicate that Big Labor can’t seem to sell their product without forcing people to buy it and that is what the NLRB is trying to do – expand compulsory dues through bad regulations and “unconstrained” NLRB rulings. The Obama NLRB needs to be stopped, and if it takes repealing the NLRA – congress should do it.


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