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SCOTUS Slams Door on SEIU Forced Dues for Politics Scheme

The Supreme Court has just issued a landmark 7-2 ruling that reaffirms the rights of nonunion employees to opt out of paying for union political activism. The case stems from a lawsuit filed by eight California civil servants, who received

SCOTUS Slams Door on SEIU Forced Dues for Politics Scheme

SEIU Union Bosses May Make LAX the Most Dangerous Airport in America

The self-proclaimed,  “unabashedly progressive” and former union organizer Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (born Antonio Villar), has ceded control over much of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) over to Service Employees International Union (SEIU) bosses.  According to sources, for several

SEIU Union Bosses May Make LAX the Most Dangerous Airport in America

Court Victories Could End Card-Check Scheme

Big Labor’s Card Check Forced Unionism scheme is based on a simple carrot-and-stick approach. The prize for labor union bosses is a thing often referred to as a “neutrality agreement” – an employer agrees to give away employees’ rights to hold a

Court Victories Could End Card-Check Scheme

Big Labor Hires Imams, Priests, and Rabbis for its War on Worker Freedom

A Los Angeles Times article exposed part of Big Labor’s undisclosed labor persuader scheme that uses the pulpit to promote compulsory unionism.  The Times‘ Stephanie Simon reported that the AFL-CIO “… hired more than three dozen aspiring ministers, imams, priests, and rabbis to spread

Big Labor Hires Imams, Priests, and Rabbis for its War on Worker Freedom

SCOTUS Reviews Big Labor's Forced Political Interest-Free Loans

In Knox v SEIU, the illogic of requiring non-union members to provide interest-free loans for Big Labor political activities comes under the Supreme Court’s scrutiny.  In this National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation case, Dianne Knox and others challenge SEIU’s

SCOTUS Reviews Big Labor's Forced Political Interest-Free Loans

Big Labor Plans Super Bowl Chaos

On Wednesday, after Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed into the Right To Work law, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow squirmed in her chair with excitement as she showed the Super Bowl Village being invaded by Big Labor activists. [see update at

Big Labor Fail: Forced-Dues Coming to an End in Indiana

Big Labor backed Indiana Senate Democrats shrilly-repeated inaccurate talking points as they made last efforts to let union bosses know that they tried their best to stop worker freedom from coming to Indiana. But, they failed. Indiana passed Right To

How Much Control Does Big Labor Have over Indiana?

Big Labor has another opportunity to show employers and employees their level of control over the state of Indiana. And, apparently the show starts this week as union officials promise to bring union activists by forced-dues-financed busloads into Indianapolis to

Labor Department Official Advises Unions to Circumvent Disclosure Rules

In April we exposed Obama’s overseer of union financial disclosure and his personal conflicts-of-interest. Now we have well-sourced evidence that Director John Lund is telling union officials to bypass Department of Labor investigators and work with him personally. Imagine if

Union Boss Hoffa: Right to Work Freedom 'Is a Conspiracy'

The simple proposition that no one should be forced to pay tributes to labor bosses or they will lose their job, is not a conspiracy. It is freedom from tyranny. Using forced dues to finance politicians who vote to force

VA Gov. McDonnell Declares 'Unapologetic' Support for Right-to-Work Laws

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is holding little back as he compares his state’s model for success to Washington’s big government corporate socialism and big labor cronyism. In a recent letter, Gov. McDonnell writes, “we are unapologetic supporters of Virginia’s Right

Did You Notice Self-proclaimed Teamster 'Union Thug' with John Lewis?

You may have seen the 10-minute video clip of U.S. Rep. John Lewis‘ unsuccessful attempt to address the ‘Occupy Atlanta’ crowd, but did you notice the self-proclaimed “Teamsters Union Thug” apparently from the Jimmy Hoffa’s army Division. Is this really

Obama's Big Labor Paybacks Coming Under Increasing Scrutiny

The National Right To Work Committee and many other liberty based organizations,, legislators like Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Jim DeMint; and an increasing number of news organizations and commentators are exposing and even demanding that Obama Administration pullback

Union Bosses Order Off-Duty Firefighters to March Today at Union Rally

Who runs our government? It may be hard to tell when looking at Wisconsin and Indiana. But, in New Jersey, the state’s SEIU firefighters’ union, New Jersey State Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), President Bill Lavin appears to think that

Cavuto to IN Gov. Daniels: Did You Get 'Punked' by Big Labor?

Great question by Fox News’ Neal Cavuto to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels: “I am wondering if you just got punked?” Daniels responded that he did not understand the question, and then proceeded to answer his own question. (transcript) Yes, the