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Do You Have to Be Sexy to Win 2012 Presidential Race or Can You Be Tim Pawlenty?


Recently an aide of presidential candidate, Tim Pawletnty said: Michelle Bachmann is drawing attention in part because of her sex appeal. He later apologized for the inapropriate yet flattering statement. Was Pawlenty’s aide wrong in saying that? I think it’s a fair and true assessment.

Michelle Bachmann, the Tea Party favorite is intelligent and attractive. However, she makes some serious mistakes. The mix up in birth places for American icon and film star John Wayne with pshycotic clown/serial killer John Wayne Gacy is noteworthy. If not moderately hysterical in a sick and perverse way. OK, everybody makes mistakes, but I’m thinking if she researched Mother Theresa. Bachmann would come back and say Mother Theresa worked in New Dehli and made some really good sandwiches.

Substance is far more important than flash and charisma. Too many Americans were lulled into the smooth operator Obama trance. Practically, everybody bought into that. Even Coinstar wanted change.

So what if Mr. Pawlenty is slightly mannequinesque. I like him.

While he may not have been a perfect governor of Minnesota. I think he helped bring stability and dignity back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, after the reign of Jesse “The Body” Ventura. A man much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the fact that he was elected based upon star power and notoriety. Jesse Ventura captured our nation’s heart because he seemed to be a regular guy living out The American Dream. Which was partially true, but Former Governor Ventura,who ran under the Reform Party, had some very un-American ideas. One being a unicameral legislature in Minnesota. A feature common in communist countries.

Quite often, the then Governor Ventura would avoid questions by saying he was not prepared to answer them. I think he still, probably to this day doesn’t have the answers. While Mr. Ventura was colorful and amusing, he was not qualified for the position. Same with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Darrell Issa was poised to take over the role as California governor, when Schwarzenegger walked in with his movie star credentials and replaced Gray Davis. Can you imagine how well California would be doing right now with Issa at the helm. It makes me want to cry. We elect these people based on glitz, and inevitably we have buyer’s remorse.

Don’t stress though, it is not that uptight with Pawlenty.

Tim Pawlenty has a fluff side too. In an article with So Good; he said that he would oppose tax on soda (I call it pop), and he feasted on chocolate dipped bacon at the Minnesota State Fair. Chubbies rejoice! He is the anti-MichelleO.

So he’s not Saint Pawlenty from St. Paul, I still think he’s a reliable choice. There are a few candidates on the roster that seem to be worthwhile. Just pick one that seems qualified because what you see is not always what you get. So, next November, take your soft drinks to the polling place and vote for somone with substance.


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