Claims of Election Fraud, Illegal Collusion Arise in Wisconsin Recall Election

The MacIver News Service has reported that more than $11 million in labor union money has been shuffled into Wisconsin to fund third party political advertising to benefit the Democratic candidates. Earlier this week we also reported on a Get Out the Vote Scheme that appeared to run afoul of Wisconsin election law. The group, Wisconsin Jobs Now! was offering food and prizes to voters who then hopped in a van and were shuttled to Milwaukee City Hall to vote early via absentee ballot. (The use of ‘walking around money’ and such inducements for voting may be common in other states but they are illegal in Wisconsin.)

[youtube gtMSeHcpTgs]

After our report, the group began to scrub their internet history to hide their connection to another liberal activist group, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Perhaps it’s because their favored candidate in the Miwlaukee area senate race, Democratic State Representative Sandy Pasch, sits on the Board of Directors of Citizen Action, thus providing a direct line relationship between Pasch and the ‘prize give-a-way’ scheme.

Next Tuesday voters in six state senate districts in Wisconsin will determine whether Republicans here will be able to keep their majority in the upper house of the legislature.

As you know, the GOP Senators are facing these recalls because they voted in favor of Scott Walker’s labor reforms that ended most of the collective bargaining entitlements for public workers. The unions are clearly pulling out all the stops to win. They want these elections to be the first victory in the counter insurgency against Governors and legislators in other states who have made similar, albeit more modest, efforts to curb the pay and power of Big Labor.


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