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The Cheat Sheet, October 10: #Occupy the News Cycle


Can we afford to wait for the Supreme Court to rule on ObamaCare? Perhaps not. If the Left is anything, it is relentless. The Right needs to push back every bit as hard and consistently, or we will lose this fight, among others.

Many are focused on the Supreme Court’s take-up of the question of the constitutionality of the individual mandate clause in Obamacare as the means to stop President Obama’s signature legislation. However, some of the law has already been funded and put into place, and, until the High Court rules- and if it rules that the individual mandate is unconstitutional- there are already clear plans to change healthcare in this country as we know it.

While Wall Street remains occupied, the San Francisco version looks more like a yeast infection. Should we be surprised?

Harlem brewed up a teaparty of sorts.

“This is a Harlem tea party,” said Chet Whye, director of Harlem 4 Obama. “This is about ‘civilitea.’ But don’t let the smooth taste fool you.”

No word on whether or not Herman Cain was invited to speak.

Presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that he didn’t believe racism was a major factor holding minorities back in America, asserting instead that African Americans had a level playing field on which to advance economically.

Along with reports that Sharpton will broadcast from Occupy Wall Street, the NYT’s Paul Krugman is now supporting them. I’m putting both those developments in the Right’s win column.

It remains to be seen whether the Occupy Wall Street protests will change America’s direction. Yet the protests have already elicited a remarkably hysterical reaction from Wall Street, the super-rich in general, and politicians and pundits who reliably serve the interests of the wealthiest hundredth of a percent.

Hmmm…the owner of #OccupyWallSt’s “Liberty Plaza” (Zuccotti Park) got one of those juicy “green energy” loans from the feds. Funny that the protesters are relying on a crony capitalist for their demonstration.

The Hermanator has seen enough of the #Occupy silliness. He has jumped out in front of the other GOP candidates in criticizing the protesters. He’s in good company. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize co-winner, Leymeh Gboowee also criticized those crazy kids.

Meanwhile, a black Texas liberal comes to Perry’s defense on charges of racism. America has elected its first black President, yet the usual suspects have not missed a beat in hurling unfounded charges of racism against opponents. Along with it being reprehensible, there will be no genuine racial healing in America until more minority leaders begin to put principle over potential political gain. A despicable Al Sharpton is now questioning Herman Cain’s authenticity as a black man. What else needs be said, really?

Combine that experience with decades of observing American politics, and perhaps no one is more qualified than I to make this pronouncement: Rick Perry is not a racist. That is, no more than any other American shaped by his/her national, regional, cultural, ethnic and religious influences. Let’s put this notion to rest immediately because, as we say in Texas, that dog won’t hunt, not even on the plains of northwest Texas where Perry shared a lease on 1,000 acres.

Tomorrow night’s debate in New Hampshire may be make-or-break time for the Perry campaign. Of course, agreeing to a debate hosted by Bloomberg/Washington Post may have already sealed his fate.

Can, meet Road: EU will delay its upcoming summit in order to work out another “plan” to “save” Greece from default.

DOOM: For Brutus is an honorable man; so are they all, all honorable men

BigPeace’s Worldview, October 10: Sarkozy/Merkel Announce Non-Plan, As Dexia Bank Breaks Up

But, where do you keep your ID? California pauses from driving itself into bankruptcy to protect minors from the dangerous clutches of tanning beds. Now, only people over 18 can use a tanning bed. Seriously? Next year there will be an appropriation to provide Vitamin D supplements to minors, no doubt. 1,000 raspberries to Sen. Ted Lieu for this howler of a statement:

“I praise Gov. Brown for his courage in taking this much-needed step to protect some of California’s most vulnerable residents — our kids — from what the ‘House of Medicine’ has conclusively shown is lethally dangerous: ultraviolet-emitting radiation from tanning beds,” the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Ted Lieu, said in a statement.

No word yet on how California will protect kids from the ultraviolet-emitting radiation of the sun.

Finally, keep an eye on the deficit-reduction committee. Barring a compromise, mandatory cuts will kick in. Ths is certain to become a developing story over the next 30 or so days.

The 12-member deficit-cutting panel established last summer to come up with $1.2 trillion in savings over 10 years has until Thanksgiving to reach a proposal to maximize that goal, but observers are growing increasingly nervous about where compromise can be found.


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