Yesterday CNN Debate here's the scorecard.

Tonight on CNN we will have the Republican Debate and we have here the scorecard of all those who are running. Please bear in mind that this will point out many of the strength and weakness of the candidates.

Herman Cain -Mr.Cain was very good on this debate i like that he said that on the topic of immigration that “Yes, I believe we should secure the border for real, and it would be a combination of a fence, technology, as well as possibly boots on the ground for some of the more dangerous areas.” Thou he didn’t answered the repeal of the 14th amendment. Which i feel is a very important question.

Newt Gingrich – Newt was the smartest guy in the room again last night. I liked when he said “I helped found the Military Reform Caucus. I’m a hawk, but I’m a cheap hawk. But the fact is, to say I’m going to put the security of the United States up against some arbitrary budget number is suicidally stupid.” Thou he the smart one of the group he does come off as teacher rather then a doer.

Michele Bachmann – I think she is was right on obamacare when she said this “I also want to completely abolish the tax code. I want to flatten the tax for all of Americans, simplify that tax for all of Americans. And that creates job growth, which is exactly what we need to have.”

“Because to be able to fuel the fire for this economy, again, it is the tax code, but it doesn’t end with the tax code. It’s the regulatory burden that costs us $1.8 trillion every year, but it’s more than that cost. It’s jobs that are lost. So we need to repeal “Obama-care,” repeal the jobs and housing destruction act known as Dodd-Frank.” Thou i feel when she said she wouldn’t repeal the 14th Amendment that hurt her more then anything.

Mitt Romney – Oh Willard was great talking to Perry about the Texas border when he told him “You talked about magnets. You put in place a magnet to draw illegals into the state, which was giving $100,000 of tuition credit to illegals that come into this country, and then you have states — the big states of illegal immigrants are California and Florida. Over the last 10 years, they’ve had no increase in illegal immigration.

Texas has had 60 percent increase in illegal immigrants in Texas. If there’s someone who has a record as governor with regards to illegal immigration that doesn’t stand up to muster, it’s you, not me. ”

Yet he continue to faulter on Romneycare not disowning it and saying at the time it’s was right for my state yet i know now that it can not and will not be used on a national scale as Obamacare.

Dr.Ron Paul DR.Ron why is he in this debate he did have one highlight “So you shouldn’t put that much trust in the government. You have — you have to trust the marketplace. And when the government gets involved, they have to deal with fraud. And how many people have gone to jail either in the government, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, that participated in this? And nobody suffers the consequences. All these investigations, and yet the people who lose their jobs and lose their houses, it’s their fault, according — that’s why they’re on Wall Street. And we can’t blame them. We have to blame the business cycle and the economic policies that led to this disaster.” Yet he call us an empire, “We have an empire. We can’t afford it. The empires always bring great nations down. We spread ourselves too thinly around the world. This is what’s happened throughout history, and we’re doing it to ourselves.” First wack a doodle we have people in germany and japan for strategic reasons. Second the reason we are spread so thin is because of Obama wanting to prove he a man instead of a little kid that have no clue on leading. Finally we are abroad because we show them that attacking them there don’t lead to attacks here.

Rick Santorum -Rick showed us why Dr Ron argument was wrong when he said “To address Congressman Paul’s answer and the other answer on military spending, I would absolutely not cut one penny out of military spending. The first order of the federal government, the only thing the federal government can do that no other level of government can do is protect us. It is the first duty of the president of the United States is to protect us.” The problem with rick is people were not focus much on him as to the other candidates and he got lost in the shuffle.

My grades are

Mr.Cain A-

Romney C

Bachmann B

Santorum D

Perry C-

Paul F

Folks no matter who you vote for just get involved. If your candidate drop out still stay in the game because we must make it our mission to stop Obama. No more fake wars to distract us no more czars. No two jets for a trip to Martha vineyard. We must stop them now. Save your money and go support your guy or girl. Unlike Occupy wall street the tea party are all about actions. Also research your candidate because as was shown last night you got to some issues but these were more sound bites then anything. Please read up on their stance and find the one you feel you can trust.


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